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Mörk specialty hot chocolate is made with all-natural, not-so-secret ingredients. cacao powder; lavish blocks of 100% unsweetened chocolate; organic unrefined coconut blossom sugar — it’s all part of what makes Mörk Chocolate special.

Ingredients are sourced ethically from local farmers and producers around the world who share our values.

Some people, on first trying Mörk, may find it shockingly different from regular hot chocolate. This is because it doesn't have all the sugar that most customers have become used to. But once you've had it, you will grow to love it.

More about Mörk visit their website.

Photography © Matthew Venables

Photography © Matthew Venables

What we are serving

Junior Dark 50% - the lighter blend, like a chocolate brownie. A good gateway drink to the darker stuff. 

Original Dark 70% - Mörk’s signature blend, darker and more intense. 

Both blends are vegan and gluten free. So you can request to have with soy (best with the Junior Dark), or almond milk (works with either blend).